“Bare Bones” performed by Kathryn Bates, cello and Charlton Lee, viola as part of Del Sol String Quartet’s Livestream with Cascadia Composers, aired Saturday, June 25th 2020.
Because of the world wide pandemic, my students and I chose to do video recital this Spring, 2020.
Remote Recital #4 is in honor of my mother Eva’s 90th birthdday in June, 2020!
This Remote Recital was a fundraiser for Cascadia Composers, the Portland based chapter of NACUSA(National Association of Composers USA)!
This second of my Remote Piano Recitals was dedicated to my father, Peter Safar whose birthday was around the performance date.
In the early days of the pandemic, I performed my first livestream solo piano recital form my piano studio. Audio and video quality had some kinks to work out, but it was a fun time for this performer-composer!

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