Cherry Blossom Musical Arts

Cherry Blossom Musical Arts is a non-profit arts organization founded in Eugene in 2003. The group’s mission is to create performances in which living composers collaborate with artists from a broad spectrum of the performing arts

Cherry Blossom Visual Music Youtube Channel

Video demos from CBMA’s theatrical and vaudville shows

Art Music Live in the 21st Century, Concert 1

This is a link to a live recording of the November 5 2010 Art Music Live in the 21st Century concert! This documentation was made possible by with the generous support of Cascadia Composers, of Portland Oregon, a divison of the National Asscociation of Composers USA

Cascadia Composers

The Oregon chapter of NACUSA. Northwest LIVING composers! Paul is a longtime member of this very active new music organization based in Portland,OR.

Oregon Music Teachers Association

Paul is an active member of the Eugene chapter of the Oregon Music Teachers Association. Visit their website for information on recitals and other opportunities.

North Pacific Music

Featuring Northwest Composers and Musicians, many of whom are a part of Portland’s 7th Species Composer Concert Series. Recording Services are also avaliable

The Arts Guidefrom the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene features organizations and artists in the Eugene-Springfield areas:

Douglas Detrick

Douglas Detrick is a composer and trumpet player who resides in the Bronx, NY and was raised in Portland, Oregon.

Olem Alves

Olem Alves is a jazz, funk and blues guitarist and guitar instructor and a cornerstone of the Eugene music scene.

Sean Brennan

With a fun informal approach to teaching music technique and history, instructor Sean Brennan helps aspiring musicians discover and develop their musical talents.

Rob Tobias, Eugene based singer -songwriter has a regular podcast called “Train of Thought”

And another wonderful collective of composers around the globe who are as passionate as I am about the natural world.”Landscape Music”

And lastly, a few out of many non profits I believe in making the world a better, more just and peaceful place

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